Spiral Dragon Claws


Spiral Dragon Claws by Razed in Flames

Proudly presenting the next level in Dragon Staff Practice Equipment.

Summary of Features:

  • 100g each
  • Pink & Lime are UV/ Blacklight reactive and GLOW LIKE CRAZY
  • Modular design allows you to mix and match colors
  • Pivoting of the unit enables shapeshifting, there are endless combinations
  • Fits the most popular Dragon Staff Hubs on the market:
  • 5.3mm diameter precision placed holes on the internal blade to allow for adding your own:
    • Bling & jewelry
    • Weights
    • LED nodes
    • Ribbons
    • 3rd Party Mods
    • 3D printed accessories


Made with love, passion, and a desire to PROPAGATE THE FLOW ARTS by Adam Lobo


Price is PER CLAW, you will likely need at least 4.

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Razed in Flames is proud to announce the next generation of Spiral Dragon Staff Equipment.

Spiral Dragon Claws

With the EXPLOSION of the Spiral Dragons into the Flow Arts scene approximately 2 years ago, we have watched with humble awe as Spirals went out to almost every county around the globe.

We got to thinking – “What can be done to further improve the design for; travel, usability, modularity, and aesthetics..?”

After drafting up several different styles for the units, we came to the conclusion that the one you see here would be our new hatchling. The units are a step up from the last in many ways and include several unique attributes that set them apart from the rest.

Spiral Dragon Claws Features:

  • Hexagon inlay on the outer surface of the arc.
    • We wanted something ancient yet futuristic, so we turned to the hexagon. The best part about this is when we applied the texture/ pattern and curved it over the outside of the arc, it created artifacts that resembled the scales of a Dragon!
  • 8 x precision placed holes with a 5.3mm diameter so you can add your own customizations like:
    • Rings
    • Ribbons
    • LED nodes
    • 3D printed mods
    • Bling and Jewelry
    • Weights
    • Wire for tightening the total diameter of your rig to increase speed!
  • 7.8mm diameter connector pin allowing it to integrate into the most popular Dragon Staff Hub units on the market today. The Spiral Dragon Claws fit the following Hubs:
    • Threeworlds V3
    • Threeworlds Legacy
    • FlowForm Vipers
    • Gora
    • Amazing right? 😉
  • Weighing in at 100g per Claw, these units are a touch heavier than the previous which weighed in at approx 80g each when cut off the center hub. This gives a chunkier feel with 4 claws on a unit but can be dropped down to 3 or even 2 blades each end depending on your hub’s layout.
    • Here at Razed in Flames, we have concluded that we enjoy:
      • 4 Claws for muscle gain and endurance training
      • 3 Claws for familiar sensation
      • 2 Claws for light as possible play

Spiral Dragon Claws are still made from Polyurethane for maximum durability!


“My name is Adam Lobo, and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating and playing with me! Everything I do is for the FLOW and without your help, we would not have the joy of witnessing the manifestation of such magic Flow Arts Equipment like the Spiral Dragon Claws ~ Thank you so much!”

~ Adam Lobo

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm

Glow in the Dark, Gold, Lime, Pink, Red